Asset refinancing, also known as asset-based lending, serves as a versatile financial mechanism enabling businesses to utilise their current assets to acquire additional funding. TSF Finance specialise in guiding businesses through this process, ensuring a seamless and stress free experience.

What is asset refinancing?


Refinancing is the process of raising cash against assets in which you already own. The assets may be already owned by our client or they may be on finance with another funder.

If the asset is on existing finance then refinance replaces an existing loan or debt obligation with a new one, typically with revised terms and conditions. This is often done to take advantage of better terms, such as lower interest rates, extended repayment periods, or to access additional funds. In this scenario, refinancing involves paying off an existing debt by obtaining a new loan, usually from a different lender, with more favourable terms. It's a financial strategy used by individuals and businesses alike to manage debt more effectively, reduce monthly payments, or free up cash flow for other purposes.



How does asset refinancing work?


Evaluation: TSF Finance conducts a thorough assessment of our client's business and assets. This evaluation considers our client's financial status, existing obligations, and specific requirements. Accurate market value assessments of the assets are performed to determine their worth.

Matching: Following the evaluation, TSF pairs the client with the most suitable lender from our extensive network. This matching process relies on a deep understanding of each lender's terms, conditions, and preferences, guaranteeing a tailored solution for our client's needs.

Negotiation Process: TSF engages in negotiations with the chosen lender on behalf of the client. Leveraging strong relationships and industry expertise, We secure advantageous terms that meet the client's requirements while adhering to the lender's conditions.

Transparency: Transparency is paramount throughout the entire process. TSF ensures that clients are kept informed at every stage, from the initial consultation to the finalisation of the refinancing agreement. This commitment to transparency fosters trust and empowers our clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their financial future.


By partnering with TSF Finance for asset refinancing, businesses can streamline the process and access the liquidity trapped within their assets. Whether the objective is to inject capital, fund new ventures, or address existing financial challenges, TSF delivers a straightforward solution supported by expertise, lender relationships, and a dedication to transparency.

In a landscape where financial agility is crucial for business growth, refinancing emerges as a powerful tool. With TSF as a partner, client not only gain access to premier refinancing solutions but also benefit from expertise, transparency, and a commitment to success. TSF stands as a reliable beacon for businesses navigating the complexities of refinancing, offering trust and proficiency every step of the way.

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