1. What led you into this career? 

    Upon completing my university degree BA(Hons) Finance, Investment & Risk, working within the finance industry was always my goal. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to work with TSF Finance, I was thrilled to explore the career options available within the company.
  2. What does a typical day in your role look like at TSF Finance? 

    At this stage, I am focusing on learning as much as possible from the team and the tasks assigned to me, as each day is fast-paced and full of learning opportunities. 
  3. What attracted you to working for TSF Finance? 

    The tailored product approach that TSF offers appealed to me, particularly when considering the wealth of expertise that can be provided across different financing strategies, which also allows for a broad range of personal growth for myself. The culture of the team also appealed to my personal values. 
  4. How do you think you’ve made a difference/will make a difference at TSF Finance? 

    At these early stages of my career, initially, I hope that I can learn quickly and proactively support the team. 
  5. What’s one thing that’s surprised you working at TSF? 

    The onboarding process has been fantastic, the team have been particularly welcoming and helpful during my transition into this role, which I have massively appreciated. 
  6. What’s a work-related accomplishment you’re really proud of?

    I am particularly proud of my university dissertation which discussed female financial empowerment. I worked particularly hard on this and found it incredibly interesting to explore such an under-researched area of study. 
  7. Non-work related accomplishment? 

    Having moved to a new city for university at the age of 17, I am particularly proud of my personal growth, empowerment, and independence over the last 4 years.
  8. What upcoming trends/news/updates in your industry do you think will likely impact the industry in the next five years? 

    The current ‘cost of living crisis’ has resulted in financial struggles for many individuals, families and businesses across the UK. Therefore, the knock-on effects of this may continue to impact multiple sectors of business.
  9. In the current climate, what advice can you give to business owners with regard to their funding challenges? 

    Getting in touch with a member of the TSF team and discussing financing options, as understanding the options available can be immensely valuable.