What is an Unsecured Loan?

An Unsecured Loan can be a quick and easy way to get an affordable cash injection for your business. It is issued and supported only by your company’s credit worthiness, rather than by any type of asset. An Unsecured Loan is one that is obtained without the use of property as collateral for the loan.  

There are various lenders with different risk appetites who will lend to companies over a 12-month to 60-month period. 

Typical loans range from £10k to £500k; however, we look at each individual requirement and build a case for success to the ideal lender. 

How it Works:

  • Lenders are more likely to take a bespoke view of your business and tailor the finance to your own needs. 
  • Tell us how much you need, provide a few details, and we will go away and source the right lender for you. 
  • You agree on an amount, a repayment period and the cost of finance with the lender. 

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Benefits of Unsecured Loans:

Fast Applications With Very Little Paperwork
Unsecured Loans are almost always quicker than other forms of funding. No valuations necessary, so the legal process is much simpler. And with our experienced lenders sourcing the best interest rates, you know you’re in good hands while you carry on running your business.
Repayment Terms That Suit Your Business
While unsecured loans can come with higher interest rates, we have a pool of lenders highly capable of finding the right repayment terms for your business. So you can rest assured you’ll have complete transparency on what you’re paying for and how long.
Boost Your Cash Flow
Lots of unplanned costs and unexpected issues arising could be strangling your cash flow, leaving you with less cash to inject into your business. With an Unsecured Loan you can plan with confidence and get the cash flow boost your business needs in a short amount of time. 
Fund New Ventures Quickly
Keep your business moving in the right direction. As a low-cost, simple way to fund your business, an Unsecured Loan allows you to refurbish your premises, buy new assets, manage uncertainty, anything you need to push the boat forward.
Competitive Advantage
Your industry is running away with the latest equipment and technological innovations – while you sit back and wait to get the funding to buy them. Over time, you begin to lose your share of the market because other businesses are working smarter and faster. We’ve helped hundreds of UK SMEs grab the opportunities they found through quick access to funding. Now they're thriving and regaining their market share.

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