What is a Commercial Mortgage?

If you’re looking to expand your business, or the cost of renting commercial premises has skyrocketed, you may be considering investing in a property.   

A commercial mortgage can be sought to:

  • Purchase a new property
  • Refinance a currently owned asset

Use it to raise cash or to reduce monthly repayments on company-owned properties. Explore the range of commercial mortgage options on offer through TSF Finance. 

How it Works:

  • Lenders are more likely to take a bespoke view of your business and tailor the finance to your own needs. 
  • Tell us how much you need, provide a few details, and we will go away and source the right lender for you. 
  • You agree on an amount, a repayment period and the cost of finance with the lender. 

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Benefits of a Commercial Mortgage:

Long-Term Borrowing
Get the cash injection needed for your property over a longer period of time. Choose from a variety of repayment options to make it work for you. 
Lower Interest Rates

Commerical mortgages are more favoured over unsecured borrowing due to lower interest rates. Monthly payments usually work out financially better than rental payments, so you save money over the term that you are occupying the building.

Capital Gains

When you buy a commercial property, you can benefit from substantial capital gain. This is a great way of realising capital growth over a longer period of time since property prices are always on the up.

Tax-Deductible Interest
The interest on your commercial mortgage is tax-deductible. Should your property increase in value, your capital could too, and you'll be able to rent out the property for more income.
Increasing Rents/Maintenance/Management Fees
If the costs for your property are gradually becoming more significant, try searching for property or land to expand your services or set up a new workplace. With a commercial mortgage, you won’t have any sudden or unexpected rent increases (monthly repayments could go up if you have a variable rate deal). 
Increasing Cash Flow Pressures
When it comes to purchasing a commercial property, we know how important cash flow is. If yours is under pressure, a Commercial Mortgage could help you to invest in your chosen property sooner rather than later. Absorbing the costs of your property into a Commercial Mortgage frees up the spare cash you have to invest in other parts of your business.

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