What is a VAT Loan?

Is your working capital strained by VAT? Financing your VAT can help relieve this pressure and free up capital to be spent in other areas of your business. Make VAT penalties and surcharges a thing of the past with a VAT Loan.  

Businesses failing to submit or pay a VAT return are currently facing a fixed surcharge of up to 15% based on how many times they default in a 12-month period. Other VAT penalty amounts are linked to the reason for errors and the tax potentially lost, but can be reduced if you voluntarily disclose the error to HMRC. It can be a stressful time for the business owner and the business itself. 

How it Works:

  • We work out your VAT liability. 
  • We match you with a lender to finance the liability over a 3-month period. 
  • Draw down each quarter can be arranged. 
  • Continue as long as you need the finance. 

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Tell us how much you wish to borrow for your VAT Loan and the term you prefer.   

Benefits of VAT Loans:

Eliminate Pressure On Cash Flow
Taking care of your VAT separately leaves you with more cash to play with for your business, whether you’re looking to expand or invest in new equipment. You might just need the cash to respond to fluctuations in revenue or increasing costs.
Competitive Rates

Get the best rates for your VAT Loan – our team will match you with a lender experienced with this type of funding, who can source competitive rates quickly before you go ahead.  

Fixed Monthly Repayments
Preserve your cash flow by spreading the cost of the asset over its entire lifespan. Know exactly what you’re paying back and when.  
Directly Paid To HMRC
Once our lender has secured your loan, it can be directly paid to HMRC, ensuring you meet the legal requirements of being VAT registered, which helps to avoid any surcharges or penalties.
Banish VAT Surcharges And Penalties
As a business owner you may not be fully aware of the options, or you don’t have enough working capital to pay for the bills. You’re probably losing more cash regularly for being penalised that could be getting used in other areas of your business. 
Managing Expenditure And Supplier Overheads
Doing both is difficult to juggle, which is likely hindering your ability to utilise your working capital in other areas of your business. Retain your working capital for other business areas with a VAT Loan and take the pressure off your cash reserves.

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