For our next interview, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Conor Smyth, Senior Funding Partner at TSF Finance.

Conor Smyth standing in front of TSF logo1. What led you into this career?

I have always loved making sure I get the best value for my investments. Whether that is my time or my money. I also loved my first job selling Christmas trees (and the advice that came along with it believe it or not!). What do you get when you cross a love for financial investing and selling Christmas trees? Conor at TSF!


2. What does a typical day in your role look like at TSF Finance? 

The weekly Wednesday 5:30am start to attend the Liverpool BNI networking group was a shock to the system. However, these are now the best days as I always get so much work done. I try to split my day between building long term relationships with my current clients, and generating new ones. I have learnt over the years that my best work comes from just being myself and delivering my honest thoughts, so this is how I approach both my networking and client relationships.


3. What attracted you to working for TSF Finance? 

Having the autonomy to deliver the best options to my clients without being constrained by the ‘corporate shackles’. I knew the expertise and guidance at TSF would be second to none having worked with many of the team over the last 7 years and would support the next step of my journey. This seemed like the perfect recipe for success.


4. How do you think you've made a difference/will make a difference at TSF Finance? 

I am energetic and passionate about everything I do, and my focus is on building for the long term. This applies to my continual learning of the UK Finance market, development of client and lender relationships, and building a personal brand that will outlive me. Having worked in the funding market for 7 years I have built meaningful relationships with key stakeholders in this industry which supports me in continually delivering the best advice and products for my clients.


5. What’s one thing that’s surprised you working at TSF? 

The level of knowledge and connections within the team have exceeded all my expectations!


6. What’s a work-related accomplishment you’re really proud of?

Seeing how strong my network is within the finance industry after I left my previous role. It proves testament that it pays to stay true to yourself and your personal brand.


7. Non-work-related accomplishment?

Completing my masters alongside full time work throughout lockdown and then being able to celebrate in person. I proved to myself I was able to develop myself both professionally and personally. It will help shape my thinking for many years to come.


8. In your opinion, what makes TSF Finance stand out from its competitors?

TSF provides a truly independent view when looking at raising business capital. The knowledge within the team is exceptional and there is always a solution to every challenge. Having TSF on your side when trying to obtain finance will put you in the best position to achieve all your requirements. The level of personal service from every member of the team is something any business owner would love to have as part of their power team.


9. What upcoming trends/news/updates in your industry do you think will likely impact the industry in the next five years?

Technology to improve sustainability is a key focus. This is being talked about from all angles of business and that is the topic to focus on to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. I think looking into areas of automation is key to improving both sustainability and efficiency of your business but this must be done from a cautious approach so as not to lose the personal delivery.


10. In the current climate, what advice can you give to business owners with regards to their funding challenges?

Getting the right power team around you who can provide ideas, advice and solutions in areas you are not an expert in can help massively. I am continuously learning about bespoke ideas of how to run a business which many business owners would not come across through their current network. Having a key advisor in place can expand your network exponentially.

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