Our second interview is with Stephen Johnson, UK Director at TSF Finance. Stephen has over 28 years' worth of experience leading teams in the largest independent invoice finance, corporate banking and asset finance companies.

210705-TSF_001061. What led you into this career? 

The old phrase ‘Need a breakdown for a breakthrough!’ Changein my previous job gave me the opportunity to head in a new direction. I'd known Alan for a while and we got to talking about his business and his ambitions for it over the coming years.


2. What does a typical day in your role look like at TSF Finance? 

I like to get the most out of my day, and that starts before work. I do a 10-mile run followed by 30 minutes in the gym, and then a 2-mile swim. I'll be at my desk for 7 am. Then I have a readily prepared to-do list and actions for the day which consist of telephone calls/emails/meetings. I tend to finish around 8 pm. I'm not accustomed to working on Fridays usually, but have recently started since working at TSF - it's definitely been a shock to the system!


3. What attracted you to working for TSF Finance? 

I'd known Alan for a number of years. The structure/systems and solutions he had all in one place and ready to go were impressive, and once we started chatting about the opportunities that could be created for TSF. I knew I had to jump at the chance. 


4. How do you think you've made a difference/will make a difference at TSF Finance?

Expertise. We think differently and work as a team – in a broader way about solutions that totally fit a customer’s needs. Not ours! How? We are time served in the asset and cash flow finance industry. I'm amazed how many provide advice on financial products and yet have never worked in that environment. 


5. What’s one thing that’s surprised you working at TSF?

TSF branded clothing - we have so much! Alan has supplied me with everything except TSF trousers!


6. What’s a work-related accomplishment you’re really proud of? 

As a manager for 20 years in bank and independent, I have been privileged to work alongside/manage and be led by some terrific people. Keeping in touch with almost all over the years has been incredibly beneficial reconnecting in this new work environment. It makes me proud to support them all in a different way. 


7. Non-work-related accomplishment?

Shout out to Malcolm Jones who was the front of a pantomime horse. I was at the back! We took part in the largest pantomime horse race at Aintree racetrack. We finished second (Malcolm was too slow). It was filmed for CBeebies and is a Guinness World record!


210705-TSF_006858. In your opinion, what makes TSF Finance stand out from its competitors? 

We are a team of experts and our level of customer service cannot be matched. The teamwork that goes on in this office is simply outstanding, and the focus and dedication put in by each and every member means all the hard work pays off for our clients in the shortest possible time frame.  


9. What upcoming trends/news/updates in your industry do you think will likely impact the industry in the next five years? 

The fourth industrial revolution is on its way, as we get smarter technology, improving the way we do business and live our lives. This will affect change and bring opportunity; now add the environmental issues we face and that could speed up the impact.  


10. In the current climate, what advice can you give to business owners with regards to their funding challenges?

Another quote ‘The time to fix the roof is whilst the sun is shining’. So plan ahead, get us involved early and that way you will get presented with the best options for your business. 


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